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Our Story

Learn our story, from the beginning and into the future.

Ever since we opened our gates we have approached life (and death) differently. While some just see the end of a loved one’s life as a time for grief and mourning, we prefer to think of it as a time for reflection, appreciation and even celebration. This is evident in everything we do, from the way we conduct our services to the amenities we choose to offer. We are not a burial ground. We are a close knit community dedicated to honoring, sharing and preserving the amazing and inspirational stories that are life.

Learn the legacy.

Pearson Funeral Home was established years ago, and serving families has always been our focus. We take pride in being able to guide people through some of their most difficult days. We take pride in maintaining a setting that allows people to find solace. Celebrating life is our mission. That’s never changed. And with pride, it never will.

In 1832, a young cabinet-maker, Lorenzo Dow Pearson, left Shelby County to seek his fortune in the boom town of Louisville (15,000 inhabitants) on the frontier of the "New West".

In 1848, the same year that Cave Hill Cemetery was dedicated, he set up shop at Second and Main, next to the original Galt House. Occasionally, he was asked to construct wooden coffins. Demand created the need to inventory ready-made coffins and provide additional services, and within a very short time, he was established as an "undertaker", or one who undertook the arrangements for burial.

Within a few years, he moved to a location between Second and Third on Jefferson. There, business was conducted until 1898, when it was moved to a large brick residence on the southeast corner of Third and Chestnut.

During those years, the firm witnessed the Civil War and the growth of Louisville as one of the South's largest cities, growth which was paralleled by the firm and its profession.

Edward C. Pearson, son of the founder, became a leader in promoting the education and licensing of embalmers, and he himself held the first embalmer's license issued in Kentucky. He also designed the original wood paneled hearse. When motor vehicles came into use, one of these bodies was mounted on a motor-driven chassis and became Louisville's first motor-driven hearse. Within seven years of that innovation, the horse-drawn funeral disappeared, and the stable, which had been a part of every undertaker's equipment, was replaced by the Funeral Auto Company, of which E.C. Pearson was the first President.

In 1917, the third generation of Pearson's assumed direction of the business under E. Clarence Pearson, succeeded in '38 by his brother W. Edward Pearson.

In 1924, one of Louisville's most beautiful private residences, on Third and Ormsby, became the home of the Pearson institution. (Currently, the old Ferguson Mansion houses the Filson Club Historical Society.)

That same year, Pearson's was invited into membership in the Selected Independent Funeral Homes (formerly National Selected Morticians), the premiere association of funeral homes worldwide. Two of the Pearsons, E.C. Pearson and David F. Pearson have served as directors on the board of NSM, making them two of only five funeral directors in Kentucky to ever hold that position.

Under the leadership of Clyde, E.C. and Robert A. Pearson, an additional funeral home was built at 149 Breckenridge Lane in 1951. Pearson's fifth home has been located in the heart of the City of St. Matthews since nearly the city's beginning, having incorporated in 1950. The St. Matthews home became the main office of Pearson's following the sale of their Third Street Home in 1978.

In 1986, David F. and Robert S. Pearson succeeded their fathers as the fifth generation of Pearsons, renovating the 50 year-old facility on Breckenridge Lane in 2001, adding a new lounge, visitation room, additional restrooms, and improved parking.

In 2011, Pearson’s was purchased by its new owners, Larry Robbins, John Keith and Roy Keith, Jr. Larry has been in the funeral industry for almost 40 years. The Keith’s come from their own long-established history in memorial/monument industry where they are known for their quality products and personalization.

Today, Pearson Funeral Home continues to provide the highest quality and personalized service to the families of Louisville. The facility’s visitation rooms and other areas have recently been redecorated, and the front porch is also being renovated. Our facility provides the comfort & pleasant atmosphere your family deserves.

Who We Are

Meet our staff. Members of the local community make everything that happens possible.Together, we make this place amazing.

Larry  Robbins

Larry Robbins

Funeral Director
Robert  Pearson

Robert Pearson

Funeral Director
David  Pearson

David Pearson

Lori Warf, CFSP

Lori Warf, CFSP

Funeral Director
John  Keith

John Keith

Funeral Director
Michael  Poole

Michael Poole

Funeral Director
Aaron Loftis

Aaron Loftis

Funeral Director/Embalmer
Kenny  Schwalbert, CFSP

Kenny Schwalbert, CFSP

Funeral Director/Embalmer
Carl  Recke

Carl Recke

Gary  Bridgewater

Gary Bridgewater

Funeral Director
Kenny Kruschwitz

Kenny Kruschwitz

Tim  Reece

Tim Reece

Roy  Frye

Roy Frye

In Memory 2023
Jim  Oetken

Jim Oetken

Jason  Duncan

Jason Duncan

Funeral Director/Embalmer

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